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Albion Falls

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Albion Falls

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At 62 ft., Albion Falls is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Hamilton community, whose classic 'cascade' waterway features picturesque observation points, leisurely hiking trails, and family-friendly picnic spots.

Fun fact! Unfortunately, for Albion Falls, such beauty comes at a cost! Locally, the falls are known as ‘Lover’s Leap;’ a pseudonym owed to the tale of the brokenhearted Jane Riley who, disappointed in love with her beau, Joseph Rousseau, jumped, to her peril, into the raging waters below. Since then, many haunting tales and local legends have grown around this tragic event.

Click here for more information on Hamilton Ghost Walks! 

Alas, poor Jane Riley,
for Joseph, she did die
By jumping off that dizzy brink,
full sixty cubits high" ~ Slater

So grab a picnic lunch with friends or take a haunted walk, it may not be just water lurking in the pools below.

Please note: when visiting Albion Falls, please heed any postings or advisories. Please be advised that it is dangerous and unlawful to climb or trespass at Albion Falls, as enforced by the City of Hamilton. 


Access to Albion Falls is free to all users. 

Parking rates may apply.

Albion Falls

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