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Amaolo Nature Sanctuary

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Amaolo Nature Sanctuary

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The 39 acre Amaolo Nature Sanctuary is located in west Ancaster and is forested or regenerating, both naturally and aided by Mr. Amaolo who has planted thousands of native trees and shrubs. The property is gently rolling upland to flat valleyland and includes two seasonal streams and one larger stream, which was channelized around 1940. All of the streams are tributaries of Fairchild Creek, within the Grand River Watershed. The southwest part of this valley includes a well established natural riparian vegetation community which continues downstream to the southwest. Five on-line ponds are present in the seasonal stream valleys


Directions and Access

The HNC’s Head-of-the-Lake Land Trust, through a volunteer property steward, coordinates ongoing volunteer management and monitoring of the nature sanctuary. The management priority is committed to the long-term protection and restoration of the sanctuary to a natural state. The club is developing a management plan and until it is completed, no public access will be permitted.



The Amaolo Nature Sanctuary was created in 2010 through a generous donation by George Amaolo who wanted to permanently protect his land. The HNC will be working to restore abandoned fields at the sanctuary to a natural state, following the naturalization precedent set by Mr. Amaolo. We are grateful to Mr. Amaolo for his generosity and patience with the donation process and value the faith he has in our ability to care for the land.

Amaolo Nature Sanctuary