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Chedoke Radial Trail

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Chedoke Radial Trail

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The Chedoke Radial Trail is a 2.7 kilometre section of the Bruce trail that traverses the Niagara Escarpment. Designed to be a pedestrian and bicycle pathway, the trail can be accessed from the McMaster campus through the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail; an amenity that offers a scenic way of getting to the downtown core and to the top of the Escarpment! The trail is also popular as an outdoor fitness area and features fitness installations throughout the trail. Many students also use the Chedoke stairs throughout the spring-summer and fall seasons for training purposes.

Fun fact! The Chedoke Radial Trail is built on the former trackway of the Brantford and Hamilton Electric Railway. The repurposing of this land has allowed users to experience the beauty of the Niagara Escarpment while taking in the magnificent views of Hamilton below.   

Chedoke Radial Trail is sure to get you into 'locomotion!'

Acess to Chedoke Radial Trail is free to all users. 

Parking rates may apply.

Chedoke Radial Trail

Directions from McMaster

Directions From McMaster University:

Please Note:

  • When biking, please obey all traffic signals and always remember to wear a helmet.
  • Hamilton buses are free for students with valid student IDs and Bus passes.