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Christie Lake

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Christie Lake

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Christie Lake is one of the most beautiful lakeside conservation areas on the Niagara Escarpment that offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. A mere 45 min bike ride from McMaster, Christie has a large 18 hole Disc Golf course, canoe rentals, a beach with swim area, and hike trails. What's more, Christie also features over 4km of mountain biking trails that range from beginner to advanced.

Fun fact! Christie Lake is a locally significant watershed protected by the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) in attempt to protect significant land and water sources from urban development and environmental damage. According to the Hamilton Conservation Authority, their approach to protecting land involves a ‘three-fold’ method of environmental planning, watershed stewardship and land acquisition. Since 1960, when HCA began to acquire land they have managed to protect over 10,000 acres of land with Christie Lake being one of many gems preserved in the Hamilton area.

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Come and enjoy the sun at Christie Lake!












Mountain Bike Trail Map

All rates for the Hamilton Conservation Authority apply for Christie Lake.

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Visitor Admission

  • Members FREE
  • Vehicle $10 + $5/passenger
  • Walk in / Bike in $5
  • Boat Rental:
    • Weekend Boat rental per hour $15
    • Weekday - all day boat rentals $50

Parking rates may apply. 

Christie Lake

Directions from McMaster

Directions From McMaster University:

Please Note:

  • When biking, please obey all traffic signals and always remember to wear a helmet.
  • Hamilton buses are free for students with valid student IDs and bus passes.