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Desjardins Trail

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Desjardins Trail

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Open all year round, the Desjardin Canal is a great area for runners, bikers, walkers and hikers alike! Take a stroll over from McMaster through the trails and follow the Desjardins Trail to Bayfront Park for some ice cream. Great place to find that perfect bench to catch the evening sunset. The trail is also home to the Waterfront Trolly which routinely travels between Princess Point and Bayfront Park on weekends.

Fun fact! In 1816, Dundas, then a separate township from Hamilton, was the central economic and industrial hub in, what is today, the Greater Toronto Area. However, with the nearby, rapidly growing Hamilton, the construction of The Desjardins Canal became a last-ditch attempt, by the Dundas community, tostay afloat of its economic advantage. Unfortunately, the Canal was built accross a marshland and proved to be expensive and difficult to maintain. According to the Dundas Museum and Archives, "despite the efforts and money spent on lining sections of the route with wooden pilings, the rate of silting in the canal required nearly continuous maintenance and dredging." The Desjardin Canal Company successfully deviated the Canal’s route however, this feat was a financial strain and inevitably put the company out of business. Today, the trail remains intact for recreational use.

Click here for more information on, or to visit, the Dundas Museum and Archives!

From Dundas to downtown Hamilton, come out and join the fun!

Desjardins Trail

Directions from McMaster

Directions From McMaster University:

Please Note:

  • When biking, please obey all traffic signals and always remember wear a helmet.
  • Hamilton buses are free for students with valid student IDs and bus passes.