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Eramosa Karst

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Eramosa Karst

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Eramosa Karst is one of Hamilton's most unique natural gems whose geological formations include underground drainage, caves, and passages which have been caused by dissolving rock found in limestone formations. The conservation area features examples of 16 different karst features and has been designated an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Eramosa Karst is also home to more than 4km of trails that take you through the meadows, forests and cave systems of the escarpment and include an assortment of boardwalks and bridges to explore.

Fun fact! At 335 meters, Eramosa Karst is the 10th longest cave in Ontario! As an introduction to this cave, and much more, the conservation area, run by the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority,  is being run as a karst education park. Numerous trails and interpretive displays line the park and make a good hike at any time of the year.

Who really knows what lives in the caves at Eramosa Karst? Come out and explore for yourself the Ontario 'underworld!'

Access to Eramosa Karst is free to all users.

Parking rates may apply. 


Eramosa Karst

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