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Pier 8

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Pier 8

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Pier 8 is a recreational area on hamilton's waterfront that has several great cafés, a refreshing view of the harbor, and an outdoor ice skating rink, which, in the summer, is converted into roller blading with rentals on site!

Fun fact! An article from The City of Hamilton states that, starting this year, Hamilton will being going ahead with a renovation project on Pier 8 where they will being creating a promenade to allow visitors more access tot he water’s edge. The article itself says that “this unique opportunity to shape Hamilton’s West Harbour waterfront calls for a unique design process. In order to create an innovative park that reflects the community’s vision for the waterfront, the City of Hamilton will host a design competition. Prominent designers and landscape architects will compete to have their interpretation of the community’s vision selected as the final design for the promenade park.”

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Pier 8, the best way to experience Hamilton's unique waterfront! 

Access to Pier 8 is free to all users. 

Be advised that rates for addtional activities (I.e. skating or roller skating) may apply.

Parking rates may apply. 

Pier 8

Directions from McMaster

Directions from McMaster University:

Please Note:

  • When biking, please obey all traffic signals and always remember to wear a helmet.
  • Hamilton buses are free for students with valid student IDs and bus passes.