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Sherman Falls

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Sherman Falls

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Sherman Falls lies within private lands close to the Hamilton Conservation Authority's Dundas Valley Conservation Area and Tiffany Falls Conservation Area. Just off the side of the road, a trail leads into a small tree covered gorge that is home to Sherman Falls. Sherman Falls is a 55" tall ribbon falls that has a terrace mid way up. It's a refreshing spot in the summer where people often go to soak in the water at the bottom of the falls. 

Fun fact! Sherman Falls has been known by many names, depending on who owned the property at the time. Samuel Smith and the Egleston family, both owned the land at one time. Francis Whitton bought the farm and landscaped it with spacious lawns and the beautiful gardens. He built a large elegant home, a garage, greenhouse and gardener’s cottage. The Whitton home was sold to the Sherman family. Clifton Sherman, an American with years of experience in foundry management, established the Dominion Foundries and Steel Co. (Dofasco) in 1912. Members of the Sherman family became well-known in the local community and managed Dofasco for decades until Frank Sherman stepped down. After the death of Frank Sherman, Colin Dunbar bought the property. It is from the Sherman family that the waterfall got its name. This property has again been sold (2007 or 2008).

Come out and enjoy the great outdoors! 

Please note: Sherman Falls is on Private Property and we ask all visitors to respect the area and not climb on the sides or leave litter (as with any other area of course).

Access to Sherman Falls is free to all users. 

Parking rates may apply. 

Sherman Falls

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