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Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

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Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

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If your looking for a unique natural area to get you out-and-about, consider visitng Tiffany Falls Conservation Area! Designated as an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) this conservation area boasts unique land formations and 'plush' bedrock exposures with the added bonus of Tiffany and Washboard Falls.

Fun Fact! Tiffany Falls also holds historical significance to the Ancaster Township. In fact, Tiffany Falls was named after Dr. Oliver Tiffany; the first doctor in the region who served the Ancaster Township for forty years (1796-1835). When Dr. Tiffany died on May 7, 1835 it is said that six hundred people attended his funeral and that the traffic jam created by the influx of buggies and wagons on the roads is said to have been talked about for years after. 

Trust me, at the 'bedrock' of Tiffany Falls you're sure to have a yabba-dabba-doo time, a dabba-doo time, we'll have a gay old time!

Access to Tiffany Falls is free to all users.

Parking rates may apply. 

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

Directions from McMaster

Directions From McMaster University:

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  • When biking, please obey all traffic signals and always remember to wear a helmet. 
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