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Crawford Lake

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Crawford Lake

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An unique attraction, Crawford Lake is home to an Iroquoian Village which boasts historic longhouses. In addition to these unique historical features, the area also includes plenty of hiking trails that are open year round and, some of which, can be used for cross country skiing and snow shoeing during the Winter months.

Fun fact! A study conducted in 1971 determined that Crawford Lake was 'meromictic', which makes the lake a prime site for archaeological and geochemical studies. Using a method called 'pollen analysis,' a reconstruction of the history of the area has become possible as such studies are able to reveal trends and sources of air pollution over approximately 150 years. The tests conducted contained corn pollen, indicating a possible Iroquoian settlement nearby, as corn was a staple of their agriculture; a claim backed up by the discovery of a ‘grindstone’ and the foundations of an eleven-longhouse village. Since unveiling these archaeological treasures the village standing at Crawford Lake has become a historical recreation based on years of careful research that showcases interpretive programs of traditional and contemporary Iroquoian life and culture.

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Crawford Lake is about more then nature conservation, it is about reconnecting with the land and Indigenous culture! Come and listen to the stories the land has to tell. 

Conservation Halton admission rates apply for Crawford Lake.

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Visitor Admission

  • Adult (15-64)$7.50
  • Senior (65 & over)$6.50
  • Child (5-14)$5.25
  • Child (4 & under)Free

Parking rates may apply. 

Crawford Lake

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