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Mount Nemo

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Mount Nemo

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Mount Nemo is a favourite among hikers in Halton Parks. Away from the crowds and the hustle bustle of the city, Mount Nemo is a peaceful sanctuary for nature walks. Pack a lunch and watch the Turkey Vultures float on the thermals while you take in the panoramic view of the escarpment. On a clear day, you can see the CN Tower in Toronto!

Fun fact! Mount Nemo offers many unique detours: such as exploring the cave system and/or rock climb for a better look at the unique cliff-edge eco-system. Naturalists and birders are advised to keep binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a camera on them.

Mount Nemo is teeming with biodiversity. Come and see what you can discover!

Conservation Halton admission rates apply for Mount Nemo.

Click here for more information on park fees and admission!

Visitor Admission

  • Adult $6.75
  • Children $5.00

Parking rates may apply. 

Mount Nemo

Directions from McMaster

Directions From McMaster Universtiy:

Please Note: 

  • When biking, please obey all traffic dignals and always remember to wear a helmet.
  • Hamilton buses are free for students with valid student IDs and bus passes.